[pycrypto] Batteries included

Stefan Spoettl spoettl at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 9 16:16:53 CST 2008

Paul has writen:
> "I'll pick, um, er, that one" without knowing what it is.

Well, please blame me as a greenhorn or as what you want. But picking it without knowing it, is exactly what I will do as Python programmer when a new problem appears. It's like that: First trying and only if it's inevitable reading the documentation and then only if it's inevitable intending the hole in deepth.

In my oppinion a "weak flag" in the algorithms interface would be nice for Pythonists. This flag should allow calls of weak ciphers only if it's set. So, some sort of hint for the programmer, but not the deliverance of the duty to study the applied agorithm. We can assume that the programmer is minimal knowing, that a cipher is something special. In this way I am intending the statements of Dwayne 

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