[pycrypto] Can pycrypt do a key exchange?

Gre7g Luterman hafeliel at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 22 11:28:15 CST 2009

Hey list -

I'm working on a Python application where clients will open encrypted connections to a custom server application. The data isn't something super-important, like credit card numbers, but I'd rather not have it snooped or otherwise mucked with by outsiders.

pycrypt makes this easy, but how do I share the key securely? pycrypt has code for calculating public/private keys, encrypting with them, decrypting with them, etc., but I don't see an obvious way to do an exchange with it.

I can find instructions online on how to do a Diffie-Hellman key exchange, but I really don't want to reinvent the wheel -- especially when the encryption isn't IMPORTANT.

I'm guessing this sort of thing has been done many times already, so can anyone point me to an example?

Many thanks, and my apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question or if the answer is easier to find than I am making it out to be! :)


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