[pycrypto] Library design philosophy

Legrandin gooksankoo at hoiptorrow.mailexpire.com
Sun Apr 12 08:36:21 CST 2009


I think that pycrypto is a great project, but the dependency
on the C files to carry out the core operation in a way defeats
the purpose of the library (i.e. being scriptable and platform

Of course performance is important, but if I really need to be fast
my first choice is to use some wrapper to openssl or libtomcrypt
(e.g m2crypto). On the other hand, the most value I find in pycrypto
is it being (also) a command-line crypto workbench.

What's your view on this? I appreciate that for some algorithms
both versions can be used (C vs python), but for instance there is no way
to use AES w/o having to go through the compilation step. To me, it's
should be the other way around, first Python code, then C routines.



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