[pycrypto] ANN: PyCrypto 2.1.0 alpha 2 released

Dwayne C. Litzenberger dlitz at dlitz.net
Sun Oct 18 23:32:22 CST 2009

PyCrypto 2.1.0alpha2 has been released.  I'm going to push through a stable 
release as soon as I can, since at this point I think all the major issues 
have been resolved[*], and it's getting a bit ridiculous that it's taking 
me longer to release a stable PyCrypto than it takes to release a stable 

You can get this alpha release via HTTP at:


You can also get it from the git repository:

   $ git clone git://git.pycrypto.org:9419/crypto/pycrypto-2.x.git
   $ cd pycrypto-2.x
   $ git checkout v2.1.0alpha2

The ChangeLog is available online at:


Please test it and post your experiences to the PyCrypto mailing list:

   pycrypto at lists.dlitz.net

and/or file bug reports on Launchpad:


There has been a huge number of changes since the last stable release[**], 
and not a lot of feedback so far, so I would really appreciate any feedback 
even if it's just a simple oneliner like, "built on <OS> <ARCHITECTURE>; 
used with <PROGRAM>; works fine."

The files for this release have the following SHA256 sums:

bc42f57eae5bf1ef4319e6e99cd45281b096d0de9ae4f00a0b6fa7ffa359b349 *pycrypto-2.1.0a2.tar.gz
f2c821e10d5d473af153fb82fd87101772aaf5583aea40e0bac0cb6b586d2c7c *pycrypto-2.1.0a2.tar.gz.asc

- Dwayne

Dwayne C. Litzenberger <dlitz at dlitz.net>
  Key-signing key   - 19E1 1FE8 B3CF F273 ED17  4A24 928C EC13 39C2 5CF7
  Annual key (2009) - C805 1746 397B 0202 2758  2821 58E0 894B 81D2 582E

[*] ... with the possible exception of RSA key generation, which some 
people have suggested might be inadequate.  I could use some help with 
this.  See https://bugs.launchpad.net/pycrypto/+bug/408660

[**] "git diff -C --shortstat v2.0.1 v2.1.0alpha2" shows:
 178 files changed, 20306 insertions(+), 7336 deletions(-)
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