[pycrypto] Elliptic curve cryptography and group signature

Dwayne C. Litzenberger dlitz at dlitz.net
Mon Oct 26 21:05:20 CST 2009

On Mon, Sep 07, 2009 at 08:01:01PM +0200, Peter Zavadsky wrote:
>Hi everyone!
>I'm new here and this is my first post...
>I'd like to ask:
>Is there any implementation of elliptic curve cryptography in
>development or planned? I'm interested in (implementation of) group
>signature by means of bilinear maps(such as Weil or Tate pairing).
>There is also PyECC module, but I thought about to include some ecc
>stuff to PyCrypto, what do you think? Is someone also interested in
>this area and can help with this?

I haven't thought much about elliptic curve crypto, partly because I don't 
know very much about it, except that it's faster than RSA and that it's a 
bit of a patent minefield (though apparently the people responsible for 
seccure are taking care to avoid the patented stuff).

Since seccure is licensed under the (L?)GPL (and most of PyCrypto is either 
public domain or permissively licensed), I would probably not include it 
directly in PyCrypto, but make it a separate plug-in extension library.

I'm mostly focusing on strengthening the stuff that PyCrypto already has 
right now.

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