[pycrypto] python crypto with python 3.0 or 3.1

don at amberfisharts.com don at amberfisharts.com
Thu Jan 14 03:07:36 CST 2010


as far as I know there hasn't been a move to port pyCrypto to python 3.x
so simply compiling against python 3.x is bound to fail!
If you try to port yourself and during that effort ran into this compiler 
error then if you look at the documentation [1] or this blog post [2]
a bit outdated since the docs have been fixed in the meantime) you will
that the first few lines (besides other things) of a python extension type
changed from 
  0,                   /* ob_size */
  "myTypeName",        /* tp_name */


  PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT(NULL, 0)
  "myTypeName",        /* tp_name */

If I recall correctly, the ob_size has be moved to a different structure
and no longer
is a member of PyTypeObject.
So to sum it up:
 * no porting effort exist so far, AFAIK
 * no, the error is not bogus

sincerely yours

[1] http://docs.python.org/dev/py3k/extending/newtypes.html

On Thu, 14 Jan 2010 07:52:59 +0000, Grail Dane <grail69 at hotmail.com>
> Hi GuysI am new to the list but have recently run into this issue.Has
> there been any movement?Personally I am stuck when gcc tries to compile
> src/_fastmath.cwhich seems to die with an error about 'ob_size' member
> existing :(This seems to be bogus as I traced back the struct's to
> PyObject_VAR_HEADwhich does have this as member.Any further help on this
> would be appreciated ;)Cheers Grail>On Fri, Dec 04, 2009 at 11:44:00AM
> +0100, Tobias Koeck wrote:>>Is it possible to run python crypto with
> 3.0 or 3.1. If not is 
>>>it planed to adjust?
>>Sure, and it'll happen sooner if somebody volunteers to do it. :-)
>>There will need to be be some strategy for Python 2.x compatibility, and

>>the contributor(s) need to to meet the PyCrypto Code Submission 
>>Dwayne C. Litzenberger <dlitz at dlitz.net>
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