[pycrypto] Pycrypto working with python 3.0 or 3.1

Grail Dane grail69 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 20:37:49 CST 2010

Hi Christoph
Good to see this is coming together for you, and as one of the users mentions,using the unified option is a general rule of thumb for patches / diffs.
You are correct about the test suite as I have not had a chance to alterthe tests to Python 3 context.

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 21:58:09 +0100
From: christoph.tapler at gmx.net
To: pycrypto at lists.dlitz.net
Subject: Re: [pycrypto] Pycrypto working with python 3.0 or 3.1


Hi Grail,

I have applied your patch on my Windows machine. Your AES encryption / 

decryption seems to work well - In case 

AZCkZ1wU5d0psrwlaoS5R4tz1dRL6rBBNzjIvK9NHSo= is the result ;-)

Moreover, I have tried the diff tool. Not sure if the output is usable
for you. Just

let me know if this format is okay or not. The patch contains a few
rather trivial

fixes for the Windows environment. With those fixes the build is

However, the test suite doesn't build, needs adaptions as well (but I
think only

in Python).



On 03.03.2010 03:48, Grail Dane wrote:

... OK ... OK - stop the presses

  Well, maybe not just yet, anyhoo, the attached patch allows the
source to compile
  and run the attached script <woohoo>


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