[pycrypto] 'tis done: Python3 with PyCrypto

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Tue Jan 4 14:35:22 CST 2011

Thank you for giving it such a close reading! I've committed 
test_AllOrNothing.py, for real this time, and I've committed your patch.


On 1/4/2011 2:16 PM, don at amberfisharts.com wrote:
> Hey Thorsten,
> I have a small patch you might want to include in your branch before 
> it merges.
> It does three things:
>  * fix a typo in your new docs
>  * fixes a bug in the randrange unittests
>  * adds some more tests for randrange and shuffle
> Furthermore it seems that you didn't commit the test_AllOrNothing.py 
> file.
> Let me thank you once more for your determined and -it seems- 
> successful push for py3k support.
> Cheers,
> Lorenz
> On Mon, 03 Jan 2011 22:42:32 -0500, Thorsten Behrens <sbehrens at gmx.li> 
> wrote:
>> I've done what I will on the py3k branch. It's been tested on 2.1, 2.2,
>> 2.7, 3.1 and 3.2.
>> AllOrNothing unit tests are now in and show AllOrNothing failing
>> occasionally. This has always been the case. The unit test just forces
>> the failure. Since I highly suspect that no-one actually uses
>> AllOrNothing.py - or these errors would have been detected before now -
>> I am not going to tackle that particular piece further. Others are more
>> than welcome to, of course!
>> I have updated the documentation that ships with pycrypto, adding
>> comments on the (in)security of the algorithms included, such as
>> MD2/4/5, SHA1, ARC2, ARC4. Please do have a look. These changes bear
>> verification by others. I may well have asserted that which is not true,
>> or distorted a fact here and there.
>> I've issued a pull request. I'm happy to make further changes if there
>> should be something I overlooked and that the unit tests did not expose.
>> But barring that, I consider the porting effort complete. All further
>> work - such as dealing with the errors in AllOrNothing.py and
>> random.sample() (the latter is an issue in Python 2.1 only), dealing
>> with security concerns in Elgamal.py, deciding the fate of qNEW - I'd
>> like to keep to trunk. I've made quite enough changes already on this
>> private branch.
>> Yours
>> Thorsten
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