[pycrypto] Idea: pycrypto user survey

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Sun Jan 9 07:08:31 CST 2011

I personally think it's a good idea but I'm curious about what Dwayne thinks.
After all he still is the maintainer of PyCrypto. I'm just a random passers-by.

I feel the same way. Ideally, the survey can be a tool to help Dwayne. And also to help the Python maintainers: There was mention that there's no user feedback on crypto (in the "crypto to the stdlib" thread). Well, we can help change that.

I made some changes to the survey, as I thought all of your suggestions were good. Take another look, if you would.

> Here some comments on your poll-draft:
>    * It says "pycrypto annual user survey". "annual" really?
I was attempting to be funny, tongue-in-cheek. Clearly, that failed. 
Being less whimsical is fine. :)

>    * Can you make the questions conditional? For example if in the first question "Do you currently use pycrypto?" I
> answer "No", then the following questions don't make to much sense.
I tried, and failed. It wouldn't progress at all then. With your broader 
scope of the survey, the point has happily become moot, though.
>    * maybe one could ask what cryptographic python library the people use. "pycrypto, ezpycrypto, cryptopp, pytomcrypt,
> ..., custom implementation, other (which one?), none"
Good idea.
>    * I would maybe add the possibility for arbitrary comments. either regarding pycrypto or the poll itself.
Okay. Plenty of long-text forms already, one more doesn't hurt.


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