[pycrypto] Base64 encoded output differs from pycrypto and as3crypto libraries.

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Wed Jan 12 14:59:38 CST 2011


I've added Schneier's CBC test vector to our test suite. We succeed. 
Here's the vector as it looks in our code:

     # chaining mode (CBC) test data
         'Blowfish CBC mode test vector',
         dict(mode='CBC', iv=b('fedcba9876543210'))),

And here it is as presented by Schneier:

chaining mode test data
key[16]   = 0123456789ABCDEFF0E1D2C3B4A59687
iv[8]     = FEDCBA9876543210
data[29]  = "7654321 Now is the time for " (includes trailing '\0')
data[29]  = 37363534333231204E6F77206973207468652074696D6520666F722000
cbc cipher text
cipher[32]= 6B77B4D63006DEE605B156E27403979358DEB9E7154616D959F1652BD5FF92CC

He pads the data[29] with three more \0 at the end to get to 32.

Can you run that test vector against your library and see how it behaves?


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