[pycrypto] Py3k changes - rebase

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Sat Feb 19 06:05:28 CST 2011


> No, each commit should be a distinct change (and each distinct change
> should have its own commit).  Having separate commits for the following
> makes sense:
>       - Replace tabs with spaces
>       - Py3K _fastmath.c support
>       - Change _fastmath.c to compile with VC++
>       - add MPIR support
>       - Add Ron Rivest Test
>       - Add unit tests for Crypto.Random.random
>       - Update documentation with current state of security of hash and
>         cipher functions.
>       - Update documentation with Python 3.x notes.
>       - Add unit test for AllOrNothing
>       - Fix AllOrNothing and random.sample()

I took a stab at just a portion of this, the first _fastmath.c changes. 
The result is that I have a lot of conflicts, and after resolving those, 
I have code that won't compile.

I can't easily untangle these changes: The additional unit tests either 
presume that the py3k compatibility layer is there, or are needed to 
make the library work under py3k.

I have a limited amount of enthusiasm for fixing that which already 
works, so it fits into a neater order. Here's my compromise proposal:

I will change the unit tests to wrap the test vectors in a different 
place, instead of wrapping the literals, as we had discussed.

And I will give you a branch with one commit that has all of the changes 
that were made.

I understand the desire for incremental commits. I can keep it in mind 
in future, with the better understanding of git that I now have. For 
this py3k change, though, the amount of work needed to attempt to 
"unravel" the change and bring it in order is too great for me to want 
to tackle it. The best I can offer is the compromise above.

I could go on - I'll refrain. Hope to hear from you soon.


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