[pycrypto] Python3 and PyCrypto

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Sat Apr 16 12:18:37 CST 2011

On 3/28/2011 4:55 AM, Anders Sundman wrote:
> > From what I reckon, the changes are not yet committed to the master
> branch. Is this the case and if so, does anyone have a working Python
> 3 branch with public read access?
Yes, and yes. I need to change the test cases so they don't use b'' 
literals, and all my time is taken up with other stuff right now.

Public branch is here: https://github.com/yorickdowne/pycrypto

As for roadmap: I got nothing. I don't know when I'll have that kind of 
time to devote again. That having been said, the p3k branch works, on 
2.1 through 3.2. If an enterprising soul wanted to take the branch, 
revert all b'' test vectors to '' and wrap them in b() in the code 
instead - so that Dwayne doesn't have to go through every single last 
vector - I am sure that would speed up inclusion on trunk.


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