[pycrypto] setup.py fails to find gmp on Debian/Ubuntu

Sebastian Ramacher sebastian+lists at ramacher.at
Tue Oct 11 07:39:41 CST 2011

On 10/11/2011 06:07 AM, Dwayne C. Litzenberger wrote:
> Ok, this looks a lot like something an autoconf would do.  Rather than 
> writing our own custom version of autoconf in setup.py, I've just added a 
> configure script.  Can you try it out?
>      https://github.com/dlitz/pycrypto.git
> It works for me on Debian wheezy amd64 with libgmp-dev installed.

I tested it on a bunch of different systems (including systems with and without
Multiarch) and GMP has been detected correctly all the time.

In configure.ac:5: shouldn't FULL-PACKAGE-NAME, VERSION and BUG-REPORT-ADDRESS
be replaced with the actual values?


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