[pycrypto] PyCrypto survey is live

Thorsten Behrens sbehrens at gmx.li
Sat Oct 22 18:06:08 CST 2011


now that Dwayne has released PyCrypto 2.4, it seems like a good time to 
activate the PyCrypto user survey.

If you use any form of crypto in Python, even if that is NOT pycrypto, 
I'd like to really encourage you to participate. I'd love to get a sense 
of who uses crypto and how within the Python community.

You can find it at http://pycrypto-survey.warshaft.com/

It will run until 2011-11-22

No registration required, no captchas, not much security. Gasp. I doubt 
this topic is very tasty to bots and trolls.

All the best

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