[pycrypto] Using Counter for true 64-bit decryption

Lance Ware lware2002 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 13 13:38:12 CST 2011

I am trying to use pycrypto to decrypt a file using AES in CTR mode.  Currently I have a file with a counter value store in the first 16 bytes of the file.  I see in most of the examples the first 8 bytes are stored in the counter value as part of a prefix with the last section starting with zero and incrementing up.  My question is that if I want to have a truly random counter value. Do I need to create my own count class to handle the increment or can i use Crypto.Util.counter class.
I am trying to use the Crypto.Util.counter class but i keep getting errors on CTR: counter returned not 16 bytes.
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