[pycrypto] Need your input: Major modernization; dropping legacy Python support?

Dave Pawson dave.pawson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 23:58:11 PDT 2013

On 30 October 2013 06:09, Dwayne Litzenberger <dlitz at dlitz.net> wrote:

> 1. How many of you would really care if PyCrypto 2.6 was that last
> version to support legacy versions of Python?  By "legacy", I mean    all
> versions of Python that are NOT one of these:
>     - Python 2.6.x
>     - Python 2.7.x
>     - Python 3.3 and above.
>    I'd continue to make bugfix releases of PyCrypto 2.6.x, but add no
> more substantial new features.

For some reason, Fedora is still pushing Python 2.7, so I'd be happy
with this position.

> 4. What if Crypto.* became a wrapper around some other crypto library?

What logic please?

> Of particular concern is FOSS distributors packaging PyCrypto (e.g.  Linux
> distros, *BSD ports trees, MacPorts/HomeBrew, etc.), and anything else that
> might impact a large number of downstream end-users.

Fedora seems a long way behind with the Python versions.

> I'm beginning to wonder how the risk of downstream forks compares to the
> risks that users face when developers still don't have a highly-visible,
> easy-to-use Python crypto API.  It might be better to merge PyCrypto with
> one or more other Python crypto libraries...

I'll leave that to the more knowledgable.
My position is I'm grateful for the code - meets my needs.


Dave Pawson
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