[pycrypto] Any progress with pycrypto 2.7?

Legrandin helderijs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 13:35:28 PST 2014

The current alpha1 version contains a few critical bugs which make it
highly unsuitable for release:
1) Hard crash on recent recent Intel CPUs (due gcc and AESNI)
2) Potential DoS when importing an RSA key (segfault of the interpreter)
3) Silent, incorrect HMAC construction for SHA-2

Is there any chance the relevant patches are applied on the short term?
It would be great to fix at least the version which is available from
download from the website.

Besides, is there any news about 2.8? I recall some solid plans for
internal refactoring plus there are 62 open bug reports and 26 pull
requests open.
I am really interested in seeing progress so if there anything that
can be done to help, let me know.


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