[pycrypto] Documentation error in "https://www.dlitz.net/software/pycrypto/api/current/"

giomismo giovanniteratani+pycrypto at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 03:17:18 PDT 2015

 Hi all,

I have found a mistake in the api documentation, but as I am new to the
list I don't know if this has been noticed yet.

The error resides in "
at the following code (at the beginning of the web page):

>>> from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA>>>>>> key = RSA.generate(2048)>>> f = open('mykey.pem','w')>>> f.write(*RSA.exportKey*('PEM'))>>> f.close()...>>> f = open('mykey.pem','r')>>> key = RSA.importKey(f.read())

The write functions uses "RSA.exportKey" where it should be "*key*.exportKey".

If this is not the right place to post this issue, please redirect this
message to the one who should care about it, or tell me who is and I will
contact with him/her.

Best regards.
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