[pycrypto] Build error, 2.6.1

Martin Falatic martin at falatic.com
Fri Jul 21 19:21:01 UTC 2017

As this project hasn't seen commits on master (or perhaps any branch) in 
over three years, it appears to be dead.

However, pycryptodome is alive and well! It's a fork off the latest 
pycrypto and contains many bugfixes, enhancements. Most importantly, 
it's an ongoing project.



There are two ways to install it: for a seamless experience I recommend 
uninstalling pycrypto (if present) and installing pycryptodome.

(pycryptodomex has its uses for some, but would mean editing your 
imports, whereas pycryptodome is a drop-in replacement for pycrypto.)

If you have issues with installing or using pycryptodome, there are 
resources there to guide you and an active issue tracker as well.

Good luck!

  - Marty

On 2017-07-21 07:16, Dave Pawson wrote:
> Installing on a new system, Fedora 26, 64 bit.
> Builds OK using setup.py for python 2.7
> Fails on python 3.x?
> Should this be built in a different way please?
> TiA

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