[pycrypto] Need your input: Major modernization; dropping legacy Python support?

Oz Nahum Tiram nahumoz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 12:12:54 PDT 2013

Hi Dwayne and everyone,

>1. How many of you would really care if PyCrypto 2.6 was that last
>    version to support legacy versions of Python?  By "legacy", I mean
>   all versions of Python that are NOT one of these:

>     - Python 2.6.x
>     - Python 2.7.x
>    - Python 3.3 and above.

>    I'd continue to make bugfix releases of PyCrypto 2.6.x, but add no
>    more substantial new features.

+1 for that, assuming it will make other efforts in PyCrypto easier.

>2. I'm thinking of pulling in additional dependencies (e.g. cffi),
>    requiring setuptools, and basically joining what the rest of the
>   Python community is doing in 2013.

Like people said before me, it seems very immature, and Cython is not a bad
alternative at all.
There is a lot of know how out there with Cython. I would be willing to
help with the efforts.

>3. What if src/*.c were removed, and any relevant C code moved into an
>    independent library, which could be loaded using cffi?  (This is
>   basically what we need to do to support PyPy properly.)

An independent library, sounds good. But it seems that Cython supports pypy

>4. What if Crypto.* became a wrapper around some other crypto library?

Why ? what is the benefit here?

>5. The Apache License 2.0.  What if PyCrypto were licensed under it, or
>    included dependencies that are licensed under it?

As the maintainer of a small project and humble project (pwman3) that uses
pycrypto, and it is
licensed unde GPL I would have a problem with it. I think the better choice
would be LGPL, as said
also before me.

I would love to have support for pypi, pip and setuptools, until now
installing pycrypto
was always a pain.

Best Regards,
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