[pycrypto] Verifying RSA signature generated by openssl

the2nd at otpme.org the2nd at otpme.org
Tue Sep 29 17:34:11 PDT 2015


i would like to verify file signatures generated by pycrypto with 
openssl and vice versa.

My test code is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12620657/

This is working fine with pycrypto but when i try to verify the test.sig 
file with the following openssl command it fails:
openssl pkeyutl -verify -sigfile test.sig -pubin -inkey pub.pem -in 

If i generated a signature using openssl with the following command:
openssl pkeyutl -sign -inkey priv.pem -in test.txt -out test.sig

Verification with openssl works fine but not with pycrypto.
openssl pkeyutl -verify -sigfile test.sig -pubin -inkey pub.pem -in 
Signature Verified Successfully

I've also tried to use PKCS1_PSS but this does not work too.

Is there anything wrong with my code or is it not possible to verify 
openssl signatures?


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